New SX4

New Suzuki SX4 is a crossover compact car from the Japanese brand Suzuki.

This new all-terrian vehicle is all about excellent perspectives on four wheels.
Granting great driving pleasure, perfect performance and a new look the new SX4 makes dreams about ideal car come true.

Wherever you go, the new SX4 makes your way perfect. Reliable, capacious, with a full four-wheel drive, the vehicle will offer to distract from everyday routines and go wherever you want.

Maneuverable, safe, with a magnificent view, this car will make the best route through the streets of cities and will show an amazing view outside the window.

Key elements of design of Suzuki SX4 are rich colors, confidence of lines and effective aerodynamics.

The roof line, the rounded shape of the hood and rear view mirrors, integrated rails and relief side lines – every detail of the exterior is as expressive as aerodynamically efficient.

Full drive technology ALLGRIP 4WD comes from the creator of the legendary SUV. The outcome of applying profound experience and expertise in the creation of all-wheel drive vehicles is ALLGRIP 4WD.

Integrated control of the engine, transmission and ESP allows a driver choosing from the modes the optimum one. This mode can be selected with accordance to the type of road surface and environmental conditions. The transmission modes can be quickly switched using the ALLGRIP 4WD rotary selector on the center console.

This technology makes reliability, controllability of the car in any road conditions, driving pleasure and economical fuel consumption.

The driver’s choice – 4 modes of transmission:

Auto –mode allows using the fuel economically. By default, the system uses a front-wheel drive (2WD). The all-wheel drive is automatically switched on when the front wheels slip.

Sport-mode is a perfect solution for winding roads and sporty driving style. The system optimizes the work of the engine and automatic transmission for more confident driving and passing high-speed turns and improving the dynamics of the car.

Lock-mode is designed to release the vehicle from snow, dirt or sand. The system evenly distributes the torque between the front and rear axles.

Snow-mode is suitable for snow, ground and slippery road conditions. By default, the full drive 4WD is used. The all-wheel drive is regulated depending on the angle of the steering wheel and the degree of depression of the gas pedal to increase traction and stability on slippery roads.

Engines and transmission are paid special attention to. The petrol engine in volume of 1.4 l and with turbocharger system Boosterjet is fast and impetuous. It is available with 6-speed automatic transmission.

An economical petrol engine with a volume of 1.6 liters provides high torque in a wide range of revolutions. It is available with a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The innovative design, stylish chrome finish, functional dashboard, height-adjustable steering wheel, comfortable seating with side support and an excellent view make the Suzuki SX4 comfortable for the driver and passengers.

7 airbags allow the perfect safety for all people in the vehicle. Active safety system include: anti-lock braking system (ABS), brake force distribution system, ESP stability, emergency brake assist, front and rear parking sensors, electronic speed limiter, cruise control and lots of other things.

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Elegant Vitara

One of the oldest names in the SUV is Suzuki Grand Vitara looking more interesting than ever before. Truly Vitara is dynamic, competitive, elegant and smart.

The driving aspects are good too.The steering is impressive, body roll is remained practically unnoticed and its grip on the road is abundant independently from the selected transmission.

The car evokes admiration from the inside with petrol or a diesel engine both 1.6 liters. They both produce 118 bhp. If you choose a standard drive, you will get front-wheel –drive, the optional is four-wheel-drive. The standard gearbox is manual, but petrol buyers can opt for automatic transmission if they will.

Not to forget to mention it, petrol engine choice is cheaper due to the absence of turbocharger. In the diesel version, the torque is twice in power, forceful and improved.

There is much space inside with everything done practical and uncomplicated.

With the Suzuki description of Vitara as “on road vehicle with all-road capability”, one can be sure in its hill descent control system and confident Lock mode.

Among the other great and significant to have features are cruise control system, collision avoidance braking, excellent panoramic sunroof and enhanced touch screen system of entertainment and info.

This new city-oriented car is a comfortable and ready-to –use design solution. Making a great competition to many modern vehicles the Vitara attracts by its advanced safety, novelty and price.

The history of the brand Vitara comes from 1988 when the first important event in the Vitara series occurred. Every market launch of this powerful, city –oriented vehicle cannot remain undetected by the audience of good cars lovers. The Suzuki Vitara series has gained a huge popularity for its style, easy to drive and compact characteristics.

Comfortable on the road and genuine in cross-country conditions, Vitara does not compromise safety and originality of its design. The proportions of the car allow easy management and four-wheel-drive systems gives advanced safety.

There is no reason to think twice with this elegant and charismatic look of Vitara. The debuts of Vitara are always great and expected events in the world of modern vehicles.

The Grand Vitara Safety Characteristics

Safety on the road is one of the main requirements claimed by every driver to a vehicle. The developers of innovated SUV Suzuki Grand Vitara have done everything possible to create a really safe car. The renewed SUV Suzuki Grand Vitara has already achieved the \”Four Stars\” by the results of safety performance assessment held by Euro NCAP. Safety Systems: • Bosch Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) with EBD (electronic brake force distribution) helps prevent wheel lock during sudden braking or when braking in slippery conditions.

grandThe EBD system properly distributes the braking force between the wheels, according to the car\’s weight transfer between axles and traction with the surface of the road.

This system ensures right braking force in accordance with particular road circumstances.

• Electronic stability program (ESP) with Traction Control grandvitaraSystem (TCS) is developed to help a driver in complex driving conditions.

It gets the information from the sensors or measuring elements and determines the path by adjusting certain electronic stabilization.

• A rigid body frame of the vehicle is strengthened by energy-absorbing trim on pillars and roof-side rails and chrome body side accents.

• Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS).

• There are six airbags in the car: two front, two side (in the front seats) and the head airbags.vitara

• Rear child-seat ISOFIX anchors.

• Rear child-seat tether anchors.

• 3-point front and rear seatbelts with front height adjustment and pretensioners (3-point ELR (AELR on passenger) seatbelts with force limiter.

• Child safety rear door locks.

• Daytime running lights (DRL). The presence of any option in the vehicle depends on the configuration or equipment set (Base, Premium, Limited).

My Vitara

grI want to write this review for girls! ) I bought Grand Vitara five years ago… It was my first car! And I think, that it is the best car! ) I drive many around the city and on the route. With Grand Vitara is quiet on any impassibility of roads. It beautiful, harmonious, noble. I think, its external design will be envied even by DM.  In general, Grand Vitara is remarkable! Modern – it is even better! I think, that Suzuki – in general is the good producer of the car!